Crisiskoken or Crisis Cooking is a cook book which I made during the first Covid lockdown, together with Mara Grimm who is a renowned food writer.
Easy and affordable recipes from famous chefs for a reasonable price including a donation of 2,50 euros to the food bank for every copy sold.
The book was selected for the Best Dutch Book Designs 2020 and the jury stated:
Have you ever seen a beautiful photo in a cookbook, only to find out later when you follow its recipe, it looks just as great as it was in the image? We all felt that Crisiskoken is such a cookbook, a very honest one; from the recipes to the photos, to the design and production. The no-nonsense design, the open spine, DIY photography and usage of recycled paper makes the cookbook attractive and accessible for a lot of people, while staying down to earth. We found the small donation to the food bank is a beautiful gesture and action as well. 
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